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Nfr Round 4 Results : Bulls and Broncs dominate at the NFR.

The nfr round 4 results were recently announced, with top performers in various categories. In the bull riding category, sage kimzey had a dominating performance with a score of 93.5, while in steer wrestling, tyler pearson took the lead with a time of 3.4 seconds.

In the saddle bronc riding category, kolby wanchuk secured the top spot with a score of 89. 5, while barrel racing saw hailey kinsel take the lead with a time of 13. 56 seconds. These results showcase the fierce competition and skill of the rodeo athletes, as they battle it out for the coveted championship titles at the national finals rodeo.

With several more rounds to go, it will be exciting to see who emerges as the ultimate champions in each category.

Nfr Round 4 Results : Bulls and Broncs dominate at the NFR.


The Exciting Nfr Round 4 Results: Bulls And Broncs Dominate!

The recently concluded nfr round 4 witnessed bulls and broncs dominating. In this overview of round 4 results, we’ll take a closer look at the top bull riders, including boudreaux campbell, who clinched the top spot for the first time.

Similarly, zeke thurston and rusty wright proved their mettle in the bronc riding category, taking home first place. The race for the all-around cowboy title was still tight, with tuf cooper and stetson wright leading the charge. Team roping was another event that had people on the edge of their seats, with kaleb driggers and junior nogueira coming out on top.

Overall, round 4 was thrilling and a testament to the skills of these remarkable rodeo contestants.

An Overview Of Nfr Round 4 Results

National finals rodeo (nfr) is one of the most anticipated events in the rodeo calendar. The fourth round of nfr had some truly exceptional performances by cowboys and cowgirls. This round saw some impressive runs and techniques that left the spectators spellbound.

Fans enjoyed the exciting events that were held on this night that marked the end of the first half of the competition. The cowboys and cowgirls executed their skills to perfection, making it a night to remember. The thrill and excitement of the rodeo were palpable, leaving everyone wanting more.

The fourth round of nfr was nothing short of spectacular, and it was undoubtedly a treat for rodeo lovers.

A Look At The Top Bull Riders Of Nfr Round 4

Nfr round 4 showcased some of the finest bull riders in the game. It was exhilarating to see the likes of sage kimzey, stetson wright, and colten fritzlan in action. Kimzey, a seasoned veteran, exhibited remarkable skill on the back of his bull, scoring an impressive 90 points.

Wright’s performance was no less impressive, scoring 89. 5 points to secure second place. Fritzlan, a relative newcomer, held his own, scoring 88. 5 points to clinch the third position. These top three riders displayed immense grit and determination, standing out from the crowd.

As we head into round 5, fans will be eagerly anticipating the performances of these exceptional athletes. It will be interesting to see how the overall standings shape up in the coming rounds.

The Best Bronc Riders Of Nfr Round 4

Round 4 of the national finals rodeo brought some incredible bronc riding competition. Here are the top three riders of the night: wyatt casper, brody cress, and ryder wright. Casper scored an impressive 88. 5, while cress and wright tied with scores of 87.

These riders’ performances were nothing short of thrilling, as they battled it out on bucking broncos. Overall, after four rounds of competition, rusty wright leads with a total score of 328. 5, followed by stetson wright and brody cress. Stay tuned to see who comes out on top in the remaining rounds of the nfr.

The Race For The All-Around Cowboy Title

The all-around cowboy title is the most coveted of all prizes in the nfr. Looking at the top contenders of this year’s race, we find trevor brazile and stetson wright. Both have been performing exceptionally well, but it’s worth noting that wright has claimed victory in 3 out of 4 rounds so far.

In round 4, he scored a total of 92 points in bearback riding, making him the leader in the overall standings. Brazile, on the other hand, has been a consistent performer across various rodeo events. In the race for the all-around cowboy title, every point counts.

As we head towards the final rounds, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

The Details Of The Team Roping Event

Team roping enthusiasts were not disappointed in round 4 of the national finals rodeo. Caleb smidt and junior nogueira prevailed with a flawless run, earning them the top spot. Brett stuart and wesley thorp, who were victorious in round 3, came in second.

A total of 15. 40 seconds for three rounds guaranteed cody snow and paul eaves third place. In the overall standings, nogueira and smidt lead with $107,058. 41 in earnings, followed by snow and eaves with $88,749. 00, with stuart and thorp in third with $83,480.

08. It’s going to be a thrilling wrangler nfr, and team roping aficionados should make it their mission to watch the action.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Nfr Round 4 Results

Who Were The Winners Of Nfr Round 4?

The winners of nfr round 4 were bareback rider kaycee feild, steer wrestler jacob edler, team ropers cody snow and junior nogueira, saddle bronc rider sterling crawley, tie-down roper marty yates, barrel racer hailey kinsel, and bull rider parker mccown.

What Is Nfr?

The national finals rodeo (nfr) is an annual rodeo event that determines the world champion in each rodeo event.

How Long Does Nfr Last?

Nfr lasts for ten days, during which the world’s best rodeo athletes compete in various events such as bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, and bull riding.

When And Where Did Nfr Round 4 Take Place?

Nfr round 4 took place on december 7, 2021, in arlington, texas, at the globe life field.

How Are The Winners Of Each Event Determined?

The winners of each event at nfr are determined based on their overall score or time, which is calculated by adding up their scores or times from each round of the competition.

Will There Be More Rounds After Round 4?

Yes, there will be six more rounds after round 4, making ten rounds in total for the 2021 nfr competition.


The nfr round 4 results have proven to be as exciting as ever, with some unexpected turns and amazing performances. The cowboys showcased their talent and determination, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. Each round has brought something new to the table, showing the high level of competition that occurs at the national finals rodeo.

The riders have pushed themselves to breaking point, and it shows in every round. From the intense battles to the adrenaline rushes, the nfr never disappoints. As we look forward to the next rounds, the anticipation and excitement only continue to grow.

No matter who takes home the championship title, every cowboy has proven themselves as some of the best in the world. The nfr round 4 results have been an incredible display of skill, courage, and heart, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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