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Rock Your Look with an Urban Cowboy Outfit

The urban cowboy outfit is a cowboy-inspired fashion trend that originated in the early 1980s in texas. This outfit consists of a cowboy hat, boots, tight jeans, and a shirt typically featuring bold patterns or colors.

The urban cowboy trend gained popularity due to the 1980 movie “urban cowboy,” starring john travolta and debra winger, which featured a western-themed bar and showcased the fashion trend. Nowadays, the urban cowboy outfit can be spotted in fashion shows, music videos, and street style movements all around the world.

This trendy look is perfect for those who want to add a little western flair to their wardrobe. Whether you’re attending a music festival or just want to stand out in a crowd, the urban cowboy outfit will definitely turn heads.

Rock Your Look with an Urban Cowboy Outfit


Upgrade Your Wardrobe With The Essentials

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a dose of southern charm? Start with finding the right jeans to suit your style. Whether slim-fit or relaxed, choose a pair that perfectly fits your body type. Don’t forget to pick the perfect cowboy boots to add some flair.

Select from a range of high-top or low-top boots that suits your fashion sense. And when it comes to adding a belt to complete your look, remember to choose one that complements your outfit. A brown leather belt is a classic choice that works with almost any outfit.

Lastly, pick the perfect shirt to match your outfit and style. Opt for a crisp white shirt or a denim shirt to exude that urban cowboy vibe.

Accessorizing To Perfection

Urban cowboy outfit adding the right hat to your outfit is crucial in nailing the urban cowboy look. Choose a hat that complements your outfit but doesn’t overpower it. There are many styles to pick from, such as fedoras, cowboy hats, and baseball caps.

Sunglasses are also essential, especially when it’s sunny. Opt for glasses that match the shape of your face and your style. Lastly, finish off the look with statement jewelry, like a bold necklace or a stack of bracelets. But don’t overdo it and choose jewelry that doesn’t clash with your outfit.

With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to mastering the urban cowboy outfit and turning heads wherever you go.

Wearing Your Look With Confidence

Wearing an urban cowboy outfit requires confidence. It’s about highlighting your best features, complementing your body shape, and choosing the right hairstyle. Instead of sticking to clichés, experiment with unique phrases. Your sense of style shouldn’t be limited by convention.

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Putting It All Together: Inspiration From Fashion Icons

The urban cowboy outfit is all about looking effortlessly cool. Fashion icons make it look easy, but recreating the cowboy look takes effort. To nail the look, you’ll have to incorporate your personal style into the cowboy vibe. Take inspiration from musicians like lil nas x and kacey musgraves, who have nailed the urban cowboy look.

To perfect your style, it’s all in the details. Try mixing vintage pieces with modern accessories, like statement belts and cowboy boots. Top it off with a hat for the perfect cowboy vibe. By following these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to the perfect urban cowboy outfit that reflects your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Urban Cowboy Outfit

What Is An Urban Cowboy Outfit?

An urban cowboy outfit is a modernized western look, often featuring a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles. It typically includes pieces such as a fringe jacket, cowboy boots, and a western-style hat.

What Should An Urban Cowboy Wear To A Party?

To stand out at a party, an urban cowboy could wear dark denim jeans with a western shirt, topped with a leather fringe jacket and a pair of cowboy boots. Accessorize with a belt buckle, western-style hat, and a scarf or bandana.

Can I Wear Western Boots With An Urban Outfit?

Yes, western boots are a staple in an urban cowboy outfit. Choose from cowboy boots in classic leather or suede, or go for edgier styles with studs or exotic skins like snakeskin or alligator.

How Do I Style An Urban Cowboy Hat?

An urban cowboy hat should fit snugly on the head and be worn slightly back on the head with a tilt to one side. Keep it simple with a classic western-style hat in brown or black, or go for a more contemporary look with a colored or patterned cowboy hat.

Where Can I Find Modern Urban Cowboy Clothing?

Several retailers offer urban cowboy clothing, with options ranging from affordable basics to high-end designer pieces. Look to brands such as coach, levi’s, and ralph lauren, or shops such as urban outfitters and asos for more affordable options.


As we wrap up our discussion on the urban cowboy outfit, it’s clear that this style is here to stay. The fusion of western-inspired fashion and urban streetwear has truly created something unique and trendy. Whether you’re going for a laid-back look or something more statement-making, there’s a wide range of options to choose from when putting together your outfit.

From denim jackets and distressed jeans to bold prints and accessories, the possibilities for incorporating this style into your wardrobe are endless. Remember to balance out your pieces and keep it simple, and don’t forget to accessorize with a hat, boots, or a belt buckle.

By following these tips and putting your own spin on the trend, you can easily create an urban cowboy look that represents your personal style. So saddle up and get ready to rock this fashionable trend with confidence.

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