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About Bull Riding Event During National Finals Rodeo

Bull Riding Event During National Finals Rodeo

When the national Rodeo Finals were founded, it was merely a competition that reflected the natural daily challenges that cowboys confronted while out on the ranch, especially when roping calves or even breaking broncs into the most reliable saddle horses. As such, bull riding wasn’t just about to be left behind. And today, this event has become one of the most celebrated events in the National Finals Rodeo Competition.

Bull Riding Event During National Finals Rodeo

What is Bull Riding?

Bull riding is one of the professional rodeo sports. The event involves a rider and a bull. The rider will get on the back of a bucking bull and then attempt to stay mounted for as long as they can while the bull attempts to buck off them (rider) off.

The bull used for this sport is often a huge bull. Some of them way as much as 2,000 pounds. Sometimes the event will end up with very grave injuries.

Origin of the Event

Bull riding is held to showcase the fearless and taming kills of the cowboys. The event has its roots in the ancient times of the Minoan culture.

However, the professional bull riding originates from the Mexican contests of riding and ranching skills. It dates back as far as the 16th century. By the late 19th century the event became popular in Texas and California ranches and has since worked its way to the national finals rodeo competition.

Who Organizes the Bull Riding Event?

In 1936 the Rodeo Cowboy Association (RCA) was founded and organized the first-ever professional bull riding competition. The organization later became changed its name to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), and through it, several rodeos have been held ever since.

There are other organizations that have also organized this type of event. However, for the National Final Rodeo, the PRCA is in charge.

Gaming Rules and Regulations

Every bull is given a name and a number for identity. The bull must be of good strength, agility, health, and age. Initially, the riders and their bulls were randomly matched before the main competition. However, the trend has slightly changed, and since 2008, some of the ranked riders have been allowed to pick their own bulls right from the selected bulls.

The rider will mount on the bull and grip on a flat braided rope once they have secured their bull, the rider nod in readiness. The bucking chute, which is an enclosure where the bull and the rider are held. Bulls will buck and attempt to throw the rider off while the rider must try to stay on top of the bull eight seconds or more. Once the eight-second mark is attained, a loud buzzer marks the end of the duration.

They can only touch the bull with the riding hand while the remaining hand must stay free for the entire duration of their ride. The bull will buck, kick, rear, spin, and even twist until the rider is finally bucked off. Remember, most of the bulls will weigh around one ton. So holding on might be a rather tall order to go with – and that’s the fan. For every NFR fans they must have to watch this event during NFR live streaming. This event is famous for every National Finals Rodeo fans.

Scoring of Points

In line with the PRCA, the rider will only score points if they successfully ride their bull for at least 8 seconds. PRCA guidelines state that a ride will be scored from 0 to 100 points and that both the bull rider and also the bull is awarded the points.

Four judges will award the batch. Two of the judges will award the bull’s effort within 0–25 points while the other two the rider’s performance between 0-25 points. The scores are then added together and provide a subtotal of between 0 and 100 points.


The judges will award the points based on many important aspects of bull riding skills. These aspects include constant control, rhythm, strength, the agility of the bull, and the matching of the rider’s movements to that of the bull. The rider must remain mounted for at least 8 seconds of failure to which they are disqualified.


So whether it is done for fun or not, many are yet to understand. But bull riding is one of the most eye-catching events in the National Finals Rodeo competition. The event showcases the cowboy skills of taming bulls and possibly showcases their fearless nature.

Even so, the risks that the game comes with are so obvious, and a serious injury is a great possibility. Nonetheless, this no turns off for those who love the thrill.

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