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About Virtual Grand National Rodeo 2020

Virtual Grand National Rodeo 2020

It is right out there. The 2020 Grand National Rodeo is going virtual. So if you are a rodeo lover, it’s time to embrace the change and catch the best part of the rodeo competition in the comfort of your home. But are there any exceptions? Let’s find out next when we look at everything About Virtual GNR 2020. I have so much lined up for you. And while some of them aren’t any surprise at all, they’ll still leave you with the best feeling about the imminent Virtual Grand National Rodeo in 2020. Let’s dig in!

What about Virtual Grand National Rodeo 2020?

While the normal Grand National Rodeo was scheduled to take place around October, the event has been cancelled. This is due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has forced many sporting activities to go without physical spectators in the main arena. Despite all that, the organizers of the Grand National Rodeo have chosen not to cancel the event. But rather to organize a virtual option for the Grand National Rodeo in 2020.

This is what has given birth to the Virtual Grand National Rodeo 2020. The event is scheduled to take place as from the 8th of October to the 10th of October in 2020. Like the normal Grand National Rodeo. The 2020 virtual Rodeo has got some cool events readily lined up for the Rodeo-Goers. There are so many DIY activities that you can participate in from the comfort of your home, to several downloadable contests.

Origin of the Event

The Grand National Rodeo was started in 1944. Since then, the event has been held only on the weekends. The grand event of the rodeo comes with over 120 exhibitors that feature cowboy and cowgirl participants who compete for the main prize money throughout various rodeo categories. Every rodeo fans must have to know about NFR history.

Where is the Grand National Rodeo 2020?

The 2020 Grand National Rodeo continues with its spirit of the old west in San Francisco, California. As such, the Grand National Livestock Exposition, Horse Show and Rodeo will be held with the PRCA Rodeo at the Cow Palace.

The Cow Palace, Bay Area, therefore is the place to be for the Wild West for the next annual Grand National Rodeo.

Where Can You Find Information

To get more information about the Virtual Grand National Rodeo 2020. Rodeo-Goers should visit the main Rodeo Website Portal and the Rodeo Social Media Pages, including those of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The same can be done if you want to access the virtual schedule for all the DIY activities that are lined up for every Rodeo fan. You can also watch NFR live online from our website.


The Virtual Grand National Rodeo celebrates the awesome tradition of America’s West, giving you the best of the best participants in competitive rodeo. The event is an honored tradition to the San Francisco Bay Area. It informs the residents of the beauty of agriculture too.

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