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Saddle Up in Style: What to Wear to Cowboy Wedding

For a cowboy wedding, men should wear boots, jeans, a cowboy hat, a dress shirt, and a tie, while women can opt for a floral dress or a skirt and blouse with boots. Cowboy boots are a must-have.

Attending a cowboy wedding can be both thrilling and a bit intimidating, especially when it comes to deciding what to wear. But with a bit of fashion sense and creativity, you can put together a perfectly stylish outfit that embodies the rustic, western charm of the event.

Dressing for a cowboy wedding is all about striking the balance between formal and casual attire. You want to look chic, yet comfortable, without going overboard with the cowboy theme. In this article, we will provide tips on what to wear to a cowboy wedding.

Saddle Up in Style: What to Wear to Cowboy Wedding


Embracing Western Style For A Memorable Wedding

If you’ve been invited to a cowboy wedding, congratulations! Attending a cowboy wedding can be an incredibly memorable and enjoyable experience. It’s a unique chance to embrace Western-style and dress up in your best cowboy or cowgirl outfit. But before you go, there are a few things you should know about what to wear.

Introduction To Cowboy Weddings

Cowboy weddings are becoming more and more popular these days. They’re a fun and exciting way to celebrate love in a unique setting. But what exactly is a cowboy wedding? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • A cowboy wedding usually takes place outdoors, often on a ranch or farm. The scenery is rustic, with picturesque fields, barns, and wide-open spaces.
  • The dress code is typically western-themed, with cowboy hats, boots, and bolo ties being popular choices.
  • The ceremony itself will often incorporate Western traditions, such as a unity ceremony with lasso ropes or a cowboy hat toss.

The Significance Of Dressing Up

When it comes to a cowboy wedding, dressing up is more than just putting on a fancy outfit – it’s a way of celebrating the Western culture that the wedding embodies. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Dressing up in cowboy attire is a way of showing respect for the wedding couple and the culture they’re celebrating. It’s a tribute to the Western lifestyle that the couple holds dear.
  • It’s also a way of getting into the spirit of the event. By dressing up, you’ll feel more connected to the wedding and its unique atmosphere.
  • Dressing up can also be a fun and creative experience. There are many ways to express your style within the Western theme, whether it’s through accessories, colors, or even a unique hat.

What To Wear To A Cowboy Wedding

So, what should you wear to a cowboy wedding? Here are a few tips to help you look your best:

  • Start with the basics: A button-up shirt, jeans, and boots are the foundation of a Western outfit. If you’re not sure what kind of shirt to wear, a plaid or denim shirt is always a safe bet.
  • Add some flair: A cowboy hat, bolo tie, or belt buckle can add some personality to your outfit. Just be sure not to overdo it – you don’t want to steal the spotlight from the wedding couple!
  • Accessorize carefully: Jewelry or other accessories should be understated and in keeping with the Western theme. A leather bracelet or necklace can be a nice touch.
  • Pay attention to the details: Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, and that your boots are polished. Looking polished and put-together is always a good idea, whether you’re attending a cowboy wedding or any other kind of event.

Attending a cowboy wedding is an incredible experience, and dressing up in Western attire is a big part of it. As long as you follow the dress code and put some thought into your outfit, you’re sure to have a wonderful time celebrating love and Western culture.

Choosing The Right Attire: The Dos And Don’Ts

Cowboy weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and if you have been invited to attend one, you might feel a little uncertain about what to wear. After all, traditional wedding attire is unlikely to cut it, and you might feel like you’re playing dress-up if you go all out, cowboy.

Don’t worry, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to strike the right balance between formal and rustic.

Dress Codes And What They Mean

Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to clarify what each dress code means:

  • Formal: Also known as “black-tie,” requires guests to wear tuxedos and evening gowns.
  • Semi-formal: Guests should wear dressy clothing such as suits and cocktail dresses.
  • Casual: Relaxed and comfortable clothing, such as sundresses, khakis, and button-up shirts.

Cowboy weddings usually follow a semi-formal or casual dress code, but it’s always best to check with the couple or the wedding planner to make sure you’re not under or overdressed.

Men’s Wedding Attire

Cowboy weddings offer the perfect opportunity to show off your Western style, but it’s essential to strike the right balance between formal and casual. Here are some great outfit ideas for men:

  • A nice pair of jeans: Levi’s or Wrangler jeans are always a great choice.
  • A well-fitting button-up shirt: This can be either a solid color or a plaid western shirt.
  • A vest: You can either match the vest to the shirt’s color or go for a contrasting hue.
  • Cowboy boots: These is essential to nail the cowboy look.
  • A bolo tie: This is a great accessory to jazz up your outfit without looking too formal.
  • A cowboy hat: Only wear this if you’re confident you can pull it off without looking like you’re going to a rodeo!

Remember, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and overdress rather than appear too casual.

Women’S Wedding Attire

Women have a little more flexibility when it comes to cowboy wedding attire. The key is to balance Western elements with formalwear. Here are some outfit ideas for women:

  • A flowy sundress: Choose a midi- or maxi-length in a light fabric to stay comfortable in the heat.
  • Cowboy boots or booties: These will give you a little bit of height and will complete your cowgirl look.
  • A statement accessory: A bolo tie necklace or a leather clutch will add some Western elements to your outfit.
  • A denim jacket: This is perfect for keeping warm in the evening while maintaining a casual vibe.
  • A wide-brimmed hat: This will shield your face from the sun and add a touch of glamour.

Avoid wearing overly revealing outfits or beachwear, even if the wedding is outside.

A cowboy wedding can be a great opportunity to embrace your Western side while still looking dressed up. Strike the right balance between formal and casual, and you’re sure to be the best-dressed guest!

Accessorizing Your Look For The Big Day

Cowboy weddings are all about embracing the rugged Western charm and incorporating it into your outfit. To complete your look, accessorizing is crucial. From hats to boots to buckles, there are a variety of accessories that can elevate your outfit, making you look like the perfect cowboy or cowgirl.

Hats, Boots, And Other Must-Have Accessories

  • Hats: A cowboy hat is a must-have accessory for any cowboy wedding. Opt for a hat with a wide brim and a high crown to get the classic cowboy look. Consider colors that complement the rest of your outfit and avoid any vibrant colors that might be distracting.
  • Boots: Ankle boots or cowboy boots work best for the occasion. Choose a pair of boots that are comfortable and easy to walk in as you will be spending most of your time on your feet. Opt for neutral colors such as brown or black as it matches any outfit.
  • Bandanas: If you’re looking to add a touch of Western flair, consider wearing a bandana around your neck or wrist. The bandana should complement the colors of your outfit without being too overpowering

Buckles And Belts

  • Buckles: Western-style belts with ornate buckles can help elevate your outfit. Choose a belt that complements your boots and matches the rest of your outfit. Don’t forget to keep it subtle as it should not draw too much attention and distract the guests from the wedding dress, bride and groom.
  • Belts: They add a nice touch to your outfit and can be quite stylish. Choose a stylish leather belt with a single or double buckle for a classic western look and make sure it fits your outfit and your body type perfectly.

Jewelry And Other Accents

  • Necklaces and bracelets: For ladies, choose a simple, understated necklace or bracelet to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. For men, classic accessories like cufflinks or tie pins can look great. Simplicity is the key for both men and women.
  • Scarves: A lightweight scarf, draped around your neck can add a touch of sophistication to your cowboy wedding attire. Make sure it coordinates with your outfit and keep the color subtle so as not to divert attention away from the overall ensemble.

To sum up, accessorizing is critical to any cowboy wedding attire. With the right hat, boots, belts, and buckles, and a touch of jewelry, you can create a cohesive, stylish, and western look for the big day. Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to turn heads in the right way!

How To Look Your Best In Western Wear

Cowboy weddings are a unique and exciting experience, and dressing appropriately can make the occasion even more memorable. Western wear has its charm, making it the perfect fit for these types of weddings. If you’re not accustomed to dressing in Western fashion, don’t worry.

In this post, we’ll provide tips on how to look your best in Western wear.

The Art Of Fitting

The right fit is crucial when it comes to Western wear. The clothing should not hang off you or be too tight. Aim for a comfortable and relaxed fit that complements your body type. Here are some tips on getting the perfect fit:

  • When it comes to cowboy boots, make sure they fit snugly around your foot and ankle with enough room for your toes to move around.
  • For jeans, measure your waist and inseam. The waistline of your jeans should not be lower than your natural waistline.
  • Shirts should fit well around your torso and sleeves must reach your wrist.

Grooming Tips For Him

When it comes to cowboy weddings, it’s essential to groom yourself well, especially if you’re the groom. Here are some grooming tips for men:

  • Ensure that your beard or mustache is clean and well-groomed. If you’re clean-shaven, make sure to shave properly.
  • Trim your hair and beard a few days before the wedding.
  • Ensure that your nails are clean and trimmed.

Hair And Makeup Tips For Her

Finding the right balance between Western wear and makeup can be tricky. Here are some tips that will help you achieve a look that complements your dress:

  • For your makeup, try to keep it natural yet stylish. Stick to earthy tones for your eyeshadow and lipstick.
  • Keeping the weather in mind, consider styling your hair in braids or a low bun.
  • Accessorize with a pair of statement earrings and bracelets that go well with your dress.

Western wear is the perfect choice for a cowboy wedding, and it’s essential to get the right fit that complements your body type. Grooming well and keeping your makeup and hair natural will enhance the overall look. Remember, cowboy weddings are all about having fun, so feel free to experiment with your look and enjoy the experience.

Pulling Off A Cowboy Wedding Theme

Cowboy weddings are the perfect way to showcase your love for the wild west and its rustic atmosphere. With the right elements, you can make your wedding theme a hit amongst your guests. Here are some tips to help you pull off a cowboy wedding theme that will leave a lasting impression.

Making Sure Your Bridal Party Matches

The bridal party plays a crucial role in making sure the wedding theme comes to life. Uniform attire brings the theme together; here are some ideas:

  • Cowboy boots for brides and bridesmaids
  • Black and white floral dresses or plaid shirts with vests for bridesmaids
  • Cowboy hats for groomsmen and bridesmaids
  • Leather vests, boots, and hats for groom and groomsmen
  • All-denim outfits for the wedding party

Nailing The Decor

The cowboy theme should reflect throughout the wedding venue, and here are some ideas on how to do that:

  • Decorate tables with burlap tablecloths, and wooden vases with wildflowers, cowboy boots, and horseshoes.
  • Use animal skulls, cowboy hats, and ropes for centerpieces.
  • Intertwine dried twigs and berries to create a rustic feel.
  • Use old-fashioned watering cans and lanterns for lighting, and hang them from trees.

Incorporating Cowboy-Themed Activities

Supplementing cowboy-themed activities throughout your wedding day adds a unique touch, here are some ideas:

  • Set up a mechanical bull and see who the last one standing is.
  • Have a line dance-off where guests can participate
  • Whip-cracking lessons for your guests
  • Shootout show for entertainment.

Tips To Make Your Western Wedding Experience Memorable

Here are some tips to make sure that your cowboy-themed wedding stands out and remains memorable:

  • Consider using organic farm-to-table catering services to match the rustic theme.
  • Choose a ranch as a location and minimize the use of flowers for the altar.
  • Set up an open bar featuring cowboy drinks such as whiskey-based cocktails, bourbon, barrel-aged beer, or moonshine.

Unique Elements To Consider For Your Cowboy Wedding Celebration

Unique elements in your cowboy wedding will spice up your celebration and leave special memories for years to come.

  • Consider hosting your wedding on horseback and let your guests enjoy riding with the bride and groom to the reception site.
  • A photo booth where guests can have their pictures taken with hats, cowboy boots, bandanas, or other cowboy accessories.
  • Plan a campfire event with sizzling s’mores and ghost stories while the night skies twinkle above.

A cowboy-themed wedding is all about incorporating a wild west atmosphere into your special day. These tips will ensure your wedding is one of the best your guests have ever attended.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What To Wear To Cowboy Wedding

What Is A Cowboy Wedding?

A cowboy wedding is a western-inspired wedding ceremony that incorporates cowboy and cowgirl hats, boots, and other western-style wardrobe pieces.

Can I Wear Jeans To A Cowboy Wedding?

Yes, you can wear jeans to a cowboy wedding as long as it is not too casual and paired with a cowboy hat or boots to complete the cowboy look.

What Should Female Guests Wear To A Cowboy Wedding?

Female guests can wear a sundress with cowboy boots or a skirt with a western-style blouse and cowboy hat. Avoid wearing anything too revealing or inappropriate for a wedding.

Are Cowboy Hats Necessary For A Cowboy Wedding?

Cowboy hats are not necessarily a requirement for a cowboy wedding, but they add to the Western-style theme and create a fun and festive ambiance.

What Kind Of Footwear Should Male Guests Wear To A Cowboy Wedding?

Male guests can wear cowboy boots or dress shoes. Sneakers or athletic shoes should be avoided. Remember to wear footwear that is comfortable and appropriate for dancing.


Dressing for a cowboy wedding can be both fun and tricky. It’s important to keep in mind the theme of the wedding, the location, and the dress code specified on the invitation. By following the tips mentioned in this post, you’ll be sure to look stylish and appropriate for the occasion.

Remember that cowboy boots, hats, and belts can be incorporated into your outfit but should be chosen thoughtfully. It’s always better to keep it simple and understated rather than going overboard with Western attire. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and celebrate the happy couple! With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be ready to enjoy the festivities of a fabulous cowboy wedding with confidence in your attire.


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